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by Chris

Working Definition of Love:

In the spiral of “Open” we begin with doing the work of listening to our bodies wisdom and opening the body to feel. This strengthens our capacity to stay present to the moment and embrace all that it happening in our human experience.

This embrace is the gesture of opening. It is a big yes to life that awakens our loving consciousness.

This supports us in living with an open heart and leads to the next layer of the spiral which is to stay open even when we are not getting what we want. I have found that challenging myself to stay open, even when I am not getting what I want, has created moments of deep healing and growth.

This advanced work of opening gives us a working definition of love. If we are only loving (open) when we are getting what we want and take way that love (close) when we are not, our love becomes a weapon. Tracking when we start to close our hearts and choosing to remain open is a powerful movement towards mature love.

Up the spiral we travel….

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Working Definition of Love