Amara Pagano

Amara is a moving inspiration, a clear example of embodiment and of what is possible when we utilize the intelligence of the body.

Amara is known for her ability to create powerful transformational containers and for the depth of the work that unfolds in her presence.

She is a leader in the world of conscious movement, forging a path for its continued evolution. After opening the first studio dedicated to conscious dance in the US, she inspired the birth of conscious movement gatherings such as Tribal Spirit and OneDanceTribe that unified a divided movement world in a mission to awaken love. Through her work with Azul she is elevating the spiritual aspect and redefining the work we do on the dance floor as “a path to awakening consciousness”.

“The evolutionary pull towards growth and healing has always propelled me in this lifetime. When I discovered at 20 that I could combine my love of dance with healing, a whole world opened. This is the world I have been exploring ever since and the one I would like to travel with you: using movement as a path to awaken love.”


“My teaching practice has been my greatest guide… always showing me where else I could grow and what was next in the journey.”

Amara has been teaching movement as a spiritual practice for over 20 years. Starting at a young age, she dove into her journey exploring movement as a healing art. While at the Evergreen State College she had the fortune to study with Anna Halprin (Expressive Arts Therapy, Tamalpa Institute), and immerse in the work of Awareness through Movement, Body Centering, Authentic Movement and Dance Therapy. She also traveled and studied Gestalt and Holotrophic Breathwork at the Findhorn Community.

At 21 she met Gabrielle Roth and found her home. This encounter launched her first into her own deep journey of embodiment and then into the only work she has ever done: teaching movement.


Trained by Gabrielle to teach Waves and Heartbeat levels of 5Rhythms®, she spent many years traveling the world spreading her unique voice in this work. In 2002 she co-founded Waves Studio in Olympia WA, establishing a thriving local dance community. In 2007 Amara moved to Hawaii as Director of Conscious Dance at Studio Maui.

In 2009 she met her future husband Paolo. Together they created OneDanceTribe and started the journey with their spiritual teacher Prem Baba which led to the birth of Azul in 2014.

“I am very grateful to Gabrielle for cracking me open and giving the movement language to support the journey. And to Prem Baba for giving me the map and the tools to transform my deepest darkness and experience my brightest light.”

OneDanceTribe Hawaii (YP)2016117

The Birth of Azul

“Having a teacher has been a very important part of my journey. With Gabrielle I absorbed everything I could until the point where I could hear everything she spoke and her words became mineThe moment arrived when I had to make space for another teacher to enter. I could feel him knocking..

When Paolo and I were running Studio Maui we met Prem Baba and started a deep journey of self discovery.”

Prem Baba is a Brazilian psychotherapist and shaman who awakened in the East Indian tradition through his teacher. He embodies the awakening of love and is able to guide students through a deconstruction of the false self, which leads to the remembrance of the true self.  His map of spiritual reality is the ground Amara stands on to teach Azul.

About Amara Pagano Section with Baba Azul

“We can only take people to the places where we have traveled, and his path of the heart has guided me to where I am today. 

Azul is in a continuing evolution, one we can live together as you experience and benefit from this work”.


While in Olympia, Amara started a yearly 5Rhythms gathering, where she invited 5R teachers with the intention of creating a collaborative environment.

The inspiration for this event followed her to Hawaii and eventually merged with Paolo’s vision to create an evolutionary container with movement as a part of a larger offering of conscious living practices.

This gave birth to a unique event in the field of conscious movement, and seeded an international community of individuals taking steps towards self-realization utilizing conscious movement as a vehicle.

 “I am very grateful to Paolo for the masculine presence that has allowed me to drop so deeply into receiving Azul.

This dance of masculine and feminine is what has birthed both OneDanceTribe and the Path of Azul“.

ODT Europe

“Amara  has a powerful way of holding space, I was able to do the most profound work with her.”
Sam Bean  (Portland OR)

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