Paolo de Angelis

Paolo is an innovator, a visionary and a connector, who is dedicated to support personal and collective evolution.

“Our true purpose is evolution. We come into these bodies to heal, grow and learn all that we need in order to awaken consciousness”

“I have always considered myself a citizen of the global village and worked for a world with no borders, religions, poverty and wars. I believe that peace and prosperity are possible, when we work together in a unified field of love and cooperation”


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Born in Milano, Italy, Paolo attended catholic schools developing a strong affinity with their teachings. After exploring religious traditions and becoming aware of their distortions, he started a lifelong search that led him onto the evolutionary path of self-realization.

In his early 20’s Paolo traveled and worked in Europe, Middle East, North and South America, exploring new countries and cultures and establishing a network of friends and associates. He then moved to New York and introduced the best Italian designs in America, pioneering a trend that grew in the years to follow.

He also produced the first globally televised cooking show, bringing Italian cuisine to the world.  In the last few years of his entrepreneurial activity Paolo produced events for several world financial and political leaders, becoming acquainted with some of the most influential individuals on the planet.

With external success matching internal bewilderment, he left the business world

and started traveling to India and Nepal deepening his knowledge of Eastern philosophies and spearheading local educational projects for children.

He eventually joined the Kripalu community in the Berkshires (USA) to study yoga, meditation and spirituality, also serving as Kripalu Chairman and laying the foundation for what became the largest holistic program center in North America. His involvement with Kripalu was a turning point on Paolo’s path and a calling to utilize his skills and experience in service.

Holding a vision of an institute for global awakening, in 2005 Paolo moved to Hawaii and became involved in Studio Maui, a program center where Amara was managing the conscious movement department.

Through his union with Amara the vision eventually found its expression in OneDanceTribe, which was conceived as a collaborative container for different modalities and expressions of conscious living.

“The path of Azul guides us through a process of purification and prepares us to become true leaders and realized human beings. My prayer is to support others in becoming leaders in their communities through onedancetribe.”

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