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by Chris

What happens as we grow?

One way to describe what happens to us as we grow is that our consciousness and perception expand.

What we are able to see changes and we realize that how we once moved no longer feels right. What was once acceptable to us in our relations becomes unimaginable as a way to relate.

This is quite beautiful really. Each piece that we identify and integrate expands us further into the beauty of self.

As we shine the light of awareness onto aspects of ourselves or aspects of our souls journey, our consciousness grows. This is the work of the Azul Trilogy and supports us in the awakening of love.

I have been feeling this strongly as I prepare to go and teach the Six Doorways to Love at Earthdance. Each of the six doorways is a threshold to our consciousness expanding and holds a key to our love flowing.

When we do the work of embodying these doorways, we go through a process of bringing more awareness to what was previously unconscious. The body moving in dance is a powerful tool for this discovery.It is through the body that we can contact what needs to be felt and understand its place in our story.

This work benefits from a container and a guide. I hope to provide both as I offer the Trilogy in different parts of the world. Next stop is Massachusetts and then Hawaii ….

Love, Amara

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What happens as we grow?