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Unity Prayer by Christian de Sousa

Enjoy this musical journey created by Christian de Sousa. Below he shares what inspired him to create it.

There’s a few roots to this mix. One is the place we go to in Movement Medicine ceremonies, which I’ve always wanted to bring into a mix – when we land in what MM calls the 5th Dimension: the place of Spirit, of Unity and the One Heart. So this is kind of a musical take on that old Sufi metaphor of us and all creation being droplets in the one ocean of love .

Then the honchos at One Dance Tribe asked me to make something in preparation for the upcoming New York ODT gathering, which I’ll be teaching at. Their vision is of the dance (explored through many movement practices) creating a field of love and transformation.

Finally, this is part 1 of a pair, well actually kind of part 2 of a pair, to be joined by a Diversity Prayer. More on that to follow with our All in Movement pamphlet, but lets just include an awareness that we cannot find Unity without recognition, understanding and honouring of diversity and difference…

Sending deep gratitude to all the singers, instrument-players and producers channelling medicine and love through their music.

Whoever you are out there reading this, may the rhythms and voices of the heart be there for you in this new year of our time.

Christian de Sousa

Movement Medicine™

Christian (London/Devon, UK) is a dancer, movement facilitator, DJ, artist & Dad. He first experienced the liberation of dancing as a teenage raver, eventually meeting Gabrielle Roth and the 5Rhythms in 1998, training as a teacher in 2005 and going on to build a vibrant community within the London tribe.

Having studied and mentored with Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan throughout this time, he was deeply moved by the subtle power of Movement Medicine and became one of the first MM ‘pathfinder’ teachers in 2010. Christian is core faculty for the School of Movement Medicine, whilst continuing to practice and teach the Rhythms and occasionally experimenting with his own emerging map, dancingTao, a synthesis of these two and other influences. He founded the dTc (dancingTao collective) an engaged group of facilitators, artists, therapists and other dancing agents of change – and is the creator of the book and multimedia art project Postcards from Babylon – a rough guide to liberation. Favourite fruit/nut combination: peaches and almonds, eaten in the sun.

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OneDanceTribe is an international community of people practicing conscious movement as a pathway for personal and global transformation. It is a portal to a unified field where teachers and dancers of different modalities and walks of life come together to celebrate the power of Moving as One.
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Unity Prayer by Christian de Sousa