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Unfurl your beautiful roots by Samantha Sweetwater:

Good morning world.  I’m waking this morning in yet another new bed. I stretch and yawn. Golden light filters in through the trees outside.  In the distance, dogs and cars sound. Close by, I hear small birds.  In the mid-distance, a hawk shrieks. I take a few deep breaths, snuggling under the covers for another precious moment, then rise to meet my morning practice and another day filled with new rhythms, people and connections.

It’s kind of a miracle that business keeps moving within all this change!

These last four months have been a time of constant flux. I know I’m not alone in this. Nearly everyone I know has been navigating change, whether internal or external, or both. Shifts in career career and relationship, shifts in experience of self or of place and community, shifts in center of gravity – it feels almost as though I am living life as the swirl of a galaxy.  I feel like a celestial body spiraling in space-time, living in motion as my life and creativity, my consciousness and my relationship cut the growing edge of consciousness and manifestation.


It’s quite a ride. I look into the eyes of friends and strangers, I see their inner cosmonaut, surfing that same edge. I know I’m not alone in this experience.

It’s an edge between pure joy and the sickening vertigo of being unmoored.

How to ground in all of this?Unfurl your beautiful roots, dear one.

Just do it.  See and feel your luscious, beautiful, artful and alive roots – the part of you that anchors on the earth, energetically, physically, sensually, emotionally – where ever you are, in any moment, anytime. All the time. You can do it anywhere. It feels good. The difference between a human energy field and a tree is that our roots are mobile, agile, flexible. Our roots move with the changes and allow us to navigate challenge and change with grace.

Signs that you’re not grounded:  anxiety, stress, feeling disoriented, defocused, unmoored or edgy, jangled nerves, trouble sleeping, difficulty making decision, difficulty keeping commitments, difficulty saying no or keeping your boundaries, self judgement and doubt, grumpiness, acting out, shutting down.

So, if you’re feeling any of these things, maybe it’s time to work on your grounding.  It’s easy.

You can breathe your roots. You can dance your roots. You can hike your roots. You can mediate them.

I recommend playing with them. Human beings don’t like roots if they take them too seriously. I think that’s one of the main reasons we up-root. We just get tired of feeling serious or heavy. We get bored inside the default emotional stance of stability.

But, like everything else, our concept of rooting is evolving.  Rooting can be beautiful. It’s like opening a gateway to receive the basic goodness of support that wants to flow to us all the time. And, it signifies a willingness to balance fluidity with stability in your work and relationships that brings dignity, power and trust.

In this pivotal time, it’s good to be grounded.  Not trapped.  Not stuck.  Just grounded. When you are grounded, you become empowered by an easy flow of energy down into the earth and back up again into your body, your energy field, your emotions, and your mind.  It’s actually a way to be and feel more FREE.

Grounded is a state of mind and energy. It’s attractive. It’s trustworthy.  It’s a foundation for enjoying your day and connecting with your life from a center that is clear, still and awake.

Grounding is the root of extending your presence into the world.  Grounding is the foundation for receiving and for embodying your worth.

Change or no change, growth or no growth, we are fed from the bottom up just as surely as we are fed by the flow of divine light.  And, the universe loves humans who are willing to feed and be fed from the earth.  After all, it’s a big part of why we’re here.

So, grow your beautiful roots my friend.

Blessings on your day!


Samantha Sweetwater

Founder of Dancing Freedom


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Loved internationally for her infectious capacity to initiate joy-fueled transformation, Samantha Sweetwater is an educator, sacred activist, wisdom leader, artist and culture coder.  As the creator of a global movement of Dancing Freedom™ spanning six continents and touching thousands of lives, she is passionate about supporting people to awaken to who they really are and to their power to change the world through purposeful action.  A lifelong experiential physicist (ie. a choreographer, community leader, nature wanderer, permaculturalist, yogini and medicine woman) her expertise lies in facilitating a living bridge between states experience and stable embodiment.  She helps people to be and create what they know to be True.  She invites a profound return to the body, to planet earth and to the Mystery as safe and sacred places to live, love and co-create. Her first book More Life, Please will be released in 2016.

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Unfurl your beautiful roots by Samantha Sweetwater