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by Chris

Transforming Suffering to Joy:

I can see that our ability to open to the moment, to become present to what life is revealing to us, has an enormous effect on our capacity to transform suffering to joy. Simply “not resisting” frees us from unnecessary suffering and allows us to deal with the true pain that comes from our woundings. 

This pain is a great teacher and in the process of healing it is asking to be felt and integrated.I invite you to practice embracing what is happening in our lives and discover the opportunity it is holding.  

I also invite you to ask yourself these reflective questions:What is the part of me that is creating this situation?What are the feelings that are trapped inside of this pain?
Just listening. No fixing. No solving. Just a moment of tuning in. 

This inquiry allows our resistance to be felt and understood. Which, in turn, allows acceptance to grow stronger. And that generates a field for our gifts and talents to emerge and be shared with others. This creates an upward spiral, which is the image and essence of Azul..

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Transforming Suffering to Joy