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by Chris

Threshold of a New Year:

Threshold was unbelievable!

I am in utter gratitude and awe for all who gathered. The energy present revealed what an amazing year we will live into. The grace and courage shown, truly inspirational. Thank you to Ann Kite for being the gateway holder to help us usher in the new year with such integrity. It was very strong for me, ripples continue to flow through me to take their place in my work.

After a rest and connection with family I am feeling refreshed and inspired about the year ahead.

2015 is lighting something up inside for me, I am so excited to bring new work, new life and a new way into the world, with you.

As I sit and contemplate looking over the ocean on home ground,  I cannot help but think about how the way you start the year shapes how the year moves through you. Threshold instilled the importance of ritual and that connection to source that can support us on our life road.

In this moment I am preparing for the OneDanceTribe HAWAII that begins in a few days.  There are over 100 people coming this year! These events touch something important inside of us, a longing to be together in a unified field. I hope you can all make it one day to come to the HAWAII or EUROPE events.

Looking forward to the first half of the year, I will be in India with my teacher for 5 weeks, then launching the new workshop Awakening Love. Starting in Olympia WA and then around Europe.  The full calendar is now in place. I hope you can join me on the dance floor during 2015. Check the calendar for updates and stay tuned for news from the road.

“We are so very blessed to shine our creative light together, may we step out and share that light with the world”  Here we are, in 2015, on the “threshold of a new year” A new cycle. A new opportunity.

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Threshold of a New Year