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5 Strange lessons from 2017 by Samantha Sweetwater

1.) The world is not ending.

Signs that we have entered the apocalypse are starkly visible in so many directions: political, economic, ecological and social. I, for one, had my moments of getting profoundly triggered into a nihilistic loop that projects immanent impending doom. However, in the present tense, we continue to live the vibrant miracle of being alive. We receive and share daily abundance of sunlight, health, food, water, relationships and the ever evolving experience and expression of love and consciousness that we came here for. No matter what happens, life will prevail. It’s way easy to get into an obsessive funk about … everything, but it’s not useful. Because, the world isn’t ending, and we can’t co-create well in the context of projected crisis.

What IS working and how can you live, love and lead from there?

What seed of a vision have you had… for so long… that is is still wanting to be born. 2018 is likely to be one of the most chaotic years EVER – and each of us is a creative steward of an awesome future that is ready to be born. Water that seed. Start. The iterative process of culture creation has only just begun and YOU are a part of it.


2.) Contraction is a compliment to expansion.

I’ve been contemplating this one for 30 years, but 2017 made crystal clear the true power of this eternal spiritual principle. 

Containment is a partner to liberation. It was a crucible year. High pressure births diamonds. Our souls have been pressure cooked.

Few people I know didn’t have a radically challenging year. At the same time, the integration our experiences has offered just about everyone a significant upgrade, refinement and realignment. When you get squished, squeezed, taken through the fire, you inevitably get clear about what you really stand for and how you can stand strong and clear in the simple truth of your soul.

It’s easy to sense the presence of the soul in a transcendent sense, but to EMBODY it is a whole other thing – this is the equivalent of bringing the totality of who and what you are down to the earth. When life gets tough, we begin to embody the soul humbly and simply – by taking one step at a time in a way that feels authentic and true.


3.) Self Love Practice is non-negotiable and FUNDAMENTAL.

I’ve often been someone who put service and purpose in front of self love. This patterning has given me a sense of meaning and drive that has kept me moving forward and on track. But, ultimately it’s a soul killing pattern. Because, as Rumi says, “the soul is here for its own joy.”

Events in mid-2017 shredded my sense of being on track and challenged me to find a luminous center in myself regardless of whether I was feeling clear about the trajectory of my business, my purpose or my service.

I had to learn how to breathe in the dark.

What I found there was the seed of my my mundane, sacred ok-ness. And, I re-found the seed of my creative joy. I’ve been painting, re-cultivating my yoga practice, going to Zumba and doing ecstatic dance JUST FOR ME. (Not for my business or my dharma.) I’ve been RELAXING in an entirely new way into the daily moments of my life. This is The Great Happiness… it’s so simple. It’s about receiving the daily beauty, in full sensation, as my life.


4.) If you’re still loving, you’ve already won.

Duh. Keep doing it.

If you din’t meet your goals or see the fruits of your intentions, don’t loose hope… see how you embodied your values. This is what you can do, regardless of outcomes.

Keep loving. It’s the core of resilience. Practice kindness and expand your compassion. Again. It really matters.

Localize it. Bring it to your neighbors. Break down the borders our technologies have created. We still live in real places with real people. Connecting with the people around you is a simple form of intimacy that brings us home.


5.) Simplicity is subversive, soul healing and sacred.

We live in a world of dizzying and increasing complexity. While I’m a huge advocate for becoming better at complex thinking and problem solving, I am also an advocate for coming HOME to what we can feel, share and know with our bodies and hearts.

The antidote to complexity is to be simple. This means being simple in the self – being embodied. The integrated brilliance of our bodies, hearts AND minds, is a balm for our nervous systems and for our world.

SO… welcome to 2018! It promises to be interesting. Decide who you want to be, relax how you want to be. Don’t hedge your bets with God on the future. Root into the power of your soul and your well tended and beautiful life. We are all being shaped as the next more luminous version of ourselves.

~ I love you. ~

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Strange lessons from 2017 by Samantha Sweetwater