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A Spiral of Service by Arjuna Vinn Martí

I would like to share with you today a poetic 3 minute video by our dear friend Arjuna Vinn Martí where he speaks about being a spiral of service.

“We are all mystics, by virtue of our birth. We are meant for something more” he recites in the opening line, inviting us to explore the dance of life from the higher perspective that guides us in our evolutionary process. 

All greatest philosophers and spiritual teachers in the history of mankind talk about being in service as the highest expression for us human beings. And scientists researching intra-physical life describe service as the highest evolutionary state discovered so far in our soul journey.

Service is indeed a quality pertaining to the the most developed states of consciousness, when all of our personal needs are finally met and we become naturally inclined to shift our focus towards supporting others.

This principle well represents the spirit of OneDanceTribe. We love to dance, but don’t gather for the purpose of dancing. We gather and dance for the purpose of reconnecting with our hearts, finding union and elevating our consciousness until we are ready to take others with us on the journey of liberation. Together we rediscover the path of the heart, we learn how to shift from suffering to joy and utilise our gifts and talents for the greater good.  

I invite you to join Arjuna and all other talented facilitators, presenters, healers, artists and dancers at the next OneDanceTribe Europe. It is an experience definitely worth a trip.

Love, Paolo

Founder SoulMotion®

Arjuna Vinn Martí is an award-winning choreographer, global performer, master teacher and creator of SoulMotion a conscious dance practice and has been teaching movement for over 35 years. He found his life’s calling at a young age and in the process of following his path, has evolved a transformative movement practice that has touched the lives of thousands.

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OneDanceTribe is an international community of people practicing conscious movement as a pathway for personal and global transformation. It is a portal to a unified field where teachers and dancers of different modalities and walks of life come together to celebrate the power of Moving as One.
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Spiral of Service Arjuna Vinn Marti