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Summer Solstice Ceremony at OneDanceTribe with Cyrill Chantereau

Enjoy this video invitation prepared for you by Cyrill Chantereau

Cyril Chantereau, our fun and creative French Movement Medicine teacher based in London is returning to OneDanceTribe next June with a special offering specially designed for our annual gathering.

Cyrill will lead us in a beautiful Solstice Ceremony where we’ll be dancing with fire, honouring life and preparing for the summer months, letting go of what we don’t need to take with us, opening for the new that is unfolding and for the light that is entering our visual and energetic field.

OneDanceTribe is an opportunity for all of us to experience union and be renewed, thanks to the inspiration we receive from the amazing faculty and from the unified field we co-create.

If you feel moved to join us in celebrating life and love, we have a few spots left.

With love, Paolo

Movement Medicine™

Cyrill Chantereau: Dancing Holistic Harmonizer.First certified teacher in movement medicine ©, creativity and leadership coach, artist, healer and founder of integrative dance©.

‘Explore through movement the intense and profound spheres of the stories we carry, to (re)INTEGRATE, consciously, through meditation in movement, its life force, its genius, its excellence, its talents: ignored, forgotten, despised or set aside, so that we can re-inforce the stories it carries within us and make the choice to reaffirm and/or regain its integrity, authority and creativity and, at each moment, at its own pace, be the free artist of its own life ; by activating in motion the healing power of the ‘Medicine of Joy’ and remembering that… :

‘We are not what we carry, we are responsible for making the choice to use or be used by what we carry.’

I dedicate most of my teaching to the relationships we have with communities (families, human groups etc…) and ancestors.


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OneDanceTribe is an international community of people practicing conscious movement as a pathway for personal and global transformation. It is a portal to a unified field where teachers and dancers of different modalities and walks of life come together to celebrate the power of Moving as One.
Solstice Ceremony with Cyrill Chantereau