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The Transforming Power of the 5Rhythms - An Interview with Adam Barley

I am happy to share with you a fascinating interview that our friend and colleague Adam Barley gave to a Polish TV channel a while ago.

In this interview, Adam articulates with utmost clarity and originality the map of the 5Rhythms and shares some anecdotes about what inspired Gabrielle to start a practice that revolutionised the way we move and dance.

He also talks about his personal experience this practice and its healing power at the physical and emotional levels.

Adam is a charismatic and compelling teacher we are honoured to have him on faculty at the next OneDanceTribe Europe event next June in Kisslegg, Germany, 28 June to 4 July.

Love, Paolo


Adam came across the 5Rhythms® in ’88 from a background of meditation and encounter groups. He began studying in ’91, teaching in ‘93, and had 5 years of mentoring with Gabrielle to teach the Heartbeat level of her work. 

“I have faith in us human beings, and am passionately committed to being part of the evolutionary jump we are engaged in. I am dedicated to helping the 5Rhythms unfold their extraordinary potential for awakening, which I believe has barely begun. I’m a rock and roll monk with a love of depth, and a clear, honest, uncompromising teaching style.”


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A video interview with Adam Barley