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by Chris

Reflections about the Three Portals of Healing:

I have just finished teaching the Azul Trilogy “Three Portals of Healing” in Olympia WA and am super inspired about this work and looking forward to having the opportunity to offer it again in Assisi Italy May 24-29!

The three portals of the Mother Father and God point us back toward our childhood and help us to identify our core wound, of which all other wounds are but reflections. Identifying this core wound supports us in understanding what our soul is here to transform and ultimately transcend.

This journey through each of the three portals provides a space for the next layers of our healing to be touched. The dance gives us access to more subtle layers of

awareness, down below the mind, directly into the content of what needs to be felt and integrated.

Inside the portal of mother, father and god are all of the areas of human conflict where we struggle in life and inside of each portal is also our key to freedom.

We do this work until all that is left is love.

Love towards your mother, the feminine and women. Love towards your father, the masculine and men. Love towards god, that full heart-ed trust that all is perfect. If we look around in our world we see that we still have a ways to go…..

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Reflection Three Portals of Healing