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Pearls of Wisdom by Alain Allard

I am delighted to send you a short audio recording specially prepared for you by Alain Allard.

In case you haven’t had a chance to meet or work with Alain yet, he is a beautiful man and an elder in the conscious dance world. With 30 years experience as psychotherapist and 27 as a 5Rhythms teacher who trained with Gabrielle Roth, not only is he a pioneer in the world of conscious movement, but also someone who – through his work and meditation practice – has developed a deep knowledge and experience.

In this audio, Alain talks about the power of presence and how to return to our natural state of balance and harmony, where we move from a conscious state of being, which is much needed in our lives as well as on the planet today.

We are fortunate to have Alain as a faculty in Kisslegg next June. If you wish to join us but haven’t registered yet, we have a few spots left.

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Moves into Consciousness / 5Rhythms®

Alain has a long-standing personal meditation practice- both movement and sitting – that informs his teaching, and all the work of “Moves into Consciousness “ of which he is the founder and co-director.

He is an active Transpersonal and Psycho-Spiritual Psychotherapist, registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy for over 20 years.

He came to the work of Gabrielle Roth when he was already practicing therapy in 1991. He studied extensively and then trained as a teacher with her in 1997/8
Since then he has taught regularly all over Europe as well as teaching in Australia. Canada, Iceland, Israel, Mexico, South Africa and the USA.
He has taught the 5Rhythms at Waves, Heartbeat and Mirrors levels and on the 5Rhythms Teacher Training.

He has studied and worked in depth with the Darling Khan’s (founders of Movement Medicine),and with Andrea Juhan (founder of Open Floor) with whom he has also studied profoundly and co-taught. He studied Psychotherapy with Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers who, along with Gabrielle Roth are the three people that he considers as his root teachers.

Alain along with his wife, fellow teacher and long term partner, Sarah Pitchford (co-director of MIC) is entering a new phase of teaching which incorporates the essence of their experience of Movement Meditation over the last 27 years expanded beyond any one solid form of study, technique or practice.
This evolution of his work into the more subtle and esoteric territory of what he has learned from movement, therapeutic and spiritual maps throughout these years of practise is what he now seeks to share. He works with breath, sensation and awareness as it arises, using where appropriate, various movement methods, and none.

Alain is the author of two published children’s books, one of which, a small story about change, movement and the nature of Being on the Earth in a Body, was successfully presented as a piece of performance theater last year promoting both movement and unity to active audiences.
His intention is to support awakening and creativity in students, readers and all participants by helping to bring them (and himself !) to fuller embodied Presence. Life is a glorious and precious opportunity that we sometimes need each other’s encouragement to see and experience as such
He is in his early sixties, and has 5 delightful adult children, and 1 beautiful grand-daughter.


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Pearls of Wisdom by Alain Allard