by OneDanceTribe

Dance with Joy with Cyrill Chantereau

In my own journey of self-discovery, I found great value in connecting with my ancestors. My ancestors are the ones who opened the path I have been walking in this lifetime, the ones who have influenced the way I think, live and relate to myself and others.  

They actually represent my connection to life itself, since I came on earth through them. I carry their genes and have also been carrying their gifts as well as their wounds, Connecting with them in my meditation and in my dance has helped me unravel some of the knots that prevented my heart to fully open to them, to myself and to others. 

The “others” are our community, whether local or global. We all are community oriented beings and part of a community. Community is what sustains us and what allows us to express ourselves. And yet sometimes many of us experience separation and judgment, if not even fear and hatred. 

If you feel the same way I do about the value of connecting with our ancestors and our community, you will be pleased to know that Movement Medicine teacher Cyrill Chantereau is planning to explore these two topics at the upcoming OneDanceTribe event. 

In this short video, he talks about his offering, inviting us all to dance with joy!

If you are still thinking of joining us in Kisslegg next June but have not registered yet, please know that we have only a very limited amount of spots left.

As usual, I send you my love, and hope to dance with you soon.


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Invitation from Cyrill