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How OneDanceTribe came about

I met Amara Pagano 12 years ago. At the time, I was envisioning starting an institute for the development of consciousness in my new home of Maui, Hawaii. I had never stepped on a dance floor before, except for going to clubs as a teenager. But since Amara was teaching 5Rhythms in the same studio I was taking yoga classes, one sunny Sunday I joined her wave… and that’s how it all started. 

Fascinated by her presence on the dance floor and by the newly discovered power of movement, I kept returning to her classes and eventually decided to invite her as Director of the Movement Department of the future institute, that eventually manifested as The Studio Maui, a beautiful program center that for a number of years attracted some of the best teachers on the planet in all fields of movement, arts, science and spirituality.

After meeting Prem Baba in 2010, we realised that our mission was no longer about bringing people to Maui but taking our work into the world instead, utilising movement as a vehicle for the exploration of consciousness in combination with other sources of human knowledge, and offer our small personal personal contribution to the development of a global conscious community.

Holding the vision of providing a collaborative and unified field,  in 2013 we invited teachers of different modalities and walks of life to join us in Hawaii for the first OneDanceTribe event.  And for the first time ever,  they shared the same dance space, learning from one another and co-creating a unified and beautiful love offering.

The rest is history. Thousands of dancers from countries all over the planet have joined our events since, creating a world wide web of friends and conscious dancers. Hundreds have joined teachers trainings as a result of their participation to OneDanceTribe, birthing new conscious dance communities and greatly expanding of the global number of dancers. And since then, communities around the world have adopted our collaborative model.

In recent years Amara’s work has grown in the field of personal development, giving birth to the Azul conscious dance modality, which is best described as a path of personal transformation. Powered by her close relation to her teachers Gabrielle Roth and Prem Baba,  Amara has been inspiring people around the globe to transform suffering into joy and live a better life. Here is a link to an interview Amara gave at the Empowered Visionary World Summit that will give you a glimpse of her beautiful work.

Thank you for being a part of our growing global conscious community.

I look forward to seeing you at the dance floor.

Love, Paolo

Pier Paolo de Angelis
Founder, OneDanceTribe

Amara will be on faculty at the OneDanceTribe New York in Garrison, March 6-11, 2020 and the next OneDanceTribe Europe in Kisslegg, June 11-17, 2020. She will also offer Dancers Awakening Love an exploration of the Path of Azul June 18-21, 2020.

Amara Pagano at The Empowered Visionary World Summit



Amara Pagano is the creator of Azul conscious movement practice, a path of personal transformation that utilizes movement to support awakening consciousness.

Azul harnesses the bodies intelligence to facilitate inner healing and evolution using movement combined with a psycho-spiritual approach as a vehicle for exploration. Azul recognizes that – as we transform ourselves – we create the conditions for our world to transform.

Amara is also the co-founder of the global conscious movement community OneDanceTribe that creates events with teachers and presenters of different modalities for the purpose of creating a unified, collaborative field to support personal and collective evolution.

Amara has been teaching movement as a spiritual practice for 25 years and travels throughout Europe, Australia, North and South America teaching Azul workshops, retreats and teacher training.

More information about Amara Pagano and work of Azul at the website pathofazul.com

About OneDanceTribe
OneDanceTribe is an international community of people practicing conscious movement as a pathway for personal and global transformation. It is a portal to a unified field where teachers and dancers of different modalities and walks of life come together to celebrate the power of Moving as One.
How OneDanceTribe came about