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by Chris

A place where your soul spreads its wings

Hawaii is a place of spirit. It is said that to come to Hawaii is the ultimate soul retrieval, a calling yourself home to spirit. 

When I first came to Hawaii a healer told me that my soul was struggling to squeeze through a very tight straw, and that what it really wanted was an open channel. Hawaii has definitely supported and continues to support my journey towards being an open channel. 

All the elements are very present here: the land that is freshly formed from the fire of the volcanos, the water that is all around constantly cleansing the shores and inviting the deep, and the wind that caresses and nudges the letting go. 

All together they call things into alignment, shedding what needs to be shed and connecting us to the possibility of what we are here to experience. I remember well that initial sensation of my soul feeling the expansiveness of itself. 

This is why I like to invite people to experience the dance in Hawaii.

There is the opportunity to work with the collective weaving of some of the top movement teachers in the world at the onedancetribe HAWAII event next January

The special 10% early bird discount for the HAWAII event available now.

So, if you are feeling the call, jump!

Love, Amara

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A place where your soul spreads its wings