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Enjoy a free one hour of guided movement with Michael Molin-Skelton!

This movement experience was created as part of the ONEDANCE – global movement prayers that took place Earth Day 2014 and ended on International Peace Day 2015.

The ONEDANCE webcasts consist of one hour of music and guidance offered by international conscious movement teachers of different modalities though OneDanceTribe that can be streamed and enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

They are an open invitation for anyone, anywhere to access free music and facilitation and dance for peace.

This session was created by Michael Molin-Skelton who has been on faculty since the birth of OneDanceTribe.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note these ONEDANCE Movement Prayers are not 5Rhythms events. They are intended for use in private settings and cannot be used to hold classes. The tracks are produced thanks to the generous contributions of the artists and teachers and cannot be downloaded, reproduced or used for commercial purposes of any kind.

Soul Motion™

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Michael Molin-Skelton listens to prayers in the wind and hears music, looks into the window “pains” of the heart and feels rhythm, touches the world through movement and knows spirit. he invites you to collaborate as we co-create this journey together. michael reaches through dance rather than teaches to dance. he has been dancing since being pushed through the birth canal. after receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree from ucla he performed and choreographed in companies both nationally and internationally for 15 years. he met gabrielle roth early in 1994. later that year, at the request of gabrielle, he began teaching the 5rhythms. michael got his 5rhythms certification in 1998 and teacher certification in soul motion in 2001. he has been a 16 year student of continuum montage with susan harper and his teaching of the 5rhythms and soul motion has been greatly influenced by her mentoring. he is a certified esalen massage practitioner since 1995 and is passionate about the art of touch. michael met anneli …….. and the world stopped. he is incurably and hopelessly in love and that constant smile on his face is the result of a heart that has been touched by an angel lightly draped in human skin. in october of 2011 they were blessed with the ultimate miracle; his name is jaylan kyan and he is the physical expression of their living love. michael hates talking about himself in the third person and hopes to see you in person somewhere within the dance.



Peaceful, Gary Diggins
On And On, Donna De Lory
Yoga Lila, Vir McCoy and Evan Fraser
Lakatoi, Oka
Kalo Miyin, Deya Dova
Toonmowi Tree, Deya Dova
Prana Pulse, Shaman’s Dream
Imagine Listening, Gary Diggins
Hey Ma Durga, Donna De Lory
You are Safe, Vanessa Forbes
A Blue Tear, Gary Diggins


OneDanceTribe wishes to thank and acknowledge the artists who have contributed to this production with their music
biography1wGary Diggins ~ I grew up in a musical family and, from early childhood, was fascinated by how human beings communicate through word, sound, music, and even silence. For a period of time, I worked in the performing arts and opened for artists ranging from Alice Cooper to Sly Stone. Several decades later, I still perform as a musician and continue to maintain a private counseling practice, but my deeper story is really about facilitating group interactions. My integrated approach to group communication employs a technique called the Sonica Circle. It is designed to elicit collective wisdom and mindful listening within any configuration of people. garydiggins.com
DonnaDeLory_Sanctuary_1Donna De Lory with a string of best-selling and much-loved albums—including Bliss (2000), In the Glow (2003), The Lover and The Beloved (2004), Sky is Open (2006), Sanctuary (2008), Remixes (2010) and The Unchanging (2013)—Donna has become one of the reigning queens of world devotional music. Before dedicating her life to singing sacred mantras and lyrics of spiritual aspiration, she traveled the globe for 20 years as a backup singer and dancer for Madonna, appearing in the documentary film Truth or Dare and on stage with the pop icon during numerous legendary tours.
“De Lory’s own music combines sparkling pop savvy with a deeply felt sense of spirituality, and has won her a strong fan base in the yoga/conscious living community and beyond. Embracing styles as diverse as Celtic, Middle Eastern, Indian classical and contemporary electronica, De Lory’s musical perspective is as wide as the world itself.” – Alan di Perna donnadelory.com and iTunes
a0889487610_2Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy Yakaruna is an organic global fusion music album made for yoga and the healing arts by Hamsa Lila members Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy. “Yakaruna is a mystic rhythmic dive that is incredible for the flow of yoga or any love journey of life”. – Shiva Rea EVAN FRASER – Bombo drum, Percussion, Jaw Harp, Ney, Lyra, Kamale Ngoni, Bass Ngoni, Harmonica, Slide Guitar, Kalimbas, Calabash, Berimbau, Shruti Box, Bird Calls, Samples, Electronics and Synth. VIR McCOY- Sintir, Guimbri, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Saz, Medicine Drum, Percussion, Vocals, Samples and Space Echo. www.virtunes.com yakuruna.com
2588821OKA A celebration of all that it is to be alive and free in the world today, Australian based OKA draws upon their indigenous connection to place and country through music. Their signature sound is an irresistible blend of influences spanning house, big beat, reggae-dub, Roots, Jazz and world music. A rhythm based sonic tapestry crossing cultural boundaries, embracing the future without losing sight of the past. okamusic.com
Deya-Dova-Media-WebDeya Dova Hailing from the expansive Nullarbor desert in Australia and currently based in the Byron Bay area, it is like Singer Producer DEYA DOVA fell out of the stars on an ancient piece of space rock. One of the few female electronic producers and a ground breaking vocalist recording live at sacred sites, Deya Dova fuses the earthy human-ness and sensual power of her voice with the cutting edge futurism of Global Bass music. Synthesizing ancient Songlines / Tribal voices and evocative Story telling with Cinematic soundscapes, Whomping bass, textural Glitch and Totemic beats, Deya Dova invokes a mythic temple vibe and brings euphoric tribalism to the dance floor.nvokes a mythic temple vibe and brings euphoric tribalism to the dance floor. deyadova.com
Craig KohlandCraig Kohland is a talented multi-percussionist, performer, DJ, music producer, retreat and ecstatic dance facilitator driven by the healing rhythm of the drum and the creative expression of the sacred. Since 1995, Shaman’s Dream, Craig’s multi-faceted music collective, has been at the forefront of the yoga and ecstatic dance music scene and has produced some of the key albums used in the yoga and dance industry. As a producer and the musical director of the “Shaman’s Dream World Groove Ensemble”, Craig along with Micheline Berry, has facilitated hundreds of ecstatic dance/ “live” world music concerts, plus countless live music for yoga classes and ritual retreats. craigkohland.com
Vanessa-2Vanessa Forbes Vanessa’s music is a journey documenting her own evolution. As she learned the universal truth of our inherent ability to create our own reality, she wrote lyrics that when sung would be reminders to place her thoughts in a direction that would help to manifest her dreams. Her life has indeed transformed and the songs also resonated in the heart of the community around her. After many requests from her audiences, she recorded her debut album titled LOVE LETTERS FROM THE UNIVERSE. It has been released in Jan 2014. A firm believer of the healing power of music, her songs are uplifting, relaxing and inspiring. Mixing a combination of spiritual, powerful Indian chants and her own original songs, feel stress melt away and your heart open as you experience her healing sound. vanessaforbes.com
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OneDanceTribe is an international community of people practicing conscious movement as a pathway for personal and global transformation. It is a portal to a unified field where teachers and dancers of different modalities and walks of life come together to celebrate the power of Moving as One.
Free Movement Session with Michael Molin-Skelton