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In flow with Guillaume Laplane

This is how Amara Pagano recalls her journey with Guillaume Laplane:

“Guillaume and I first met at a workshop with Gabrielle Roth back in 2004. We were all intrigued by Guillaume because he looked like Jesus. I can remember a moment where he jumped into the pool with his long body and long hair floating behind him like the waves. In the video below you can feel this in his essence.

It is beautiful to see what his spirit has created through the 5Rhythms and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with him at the next OneDanceTribe HAWAII event January 18-24, 2018,  and to experiences his particular gift of moving with nature and in the natural world.” 

Enjoy the movie below which is a little teaser of what you can experience when you dance with Guillaume.

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In flow with Guillaume Laplane