by Chris

Embodiment - The Power of Creating Union:

Embodiment means to occupy one’s body, and its power manifests when we are connected to our bodies.

The ancient Hawaiians believed that in listening to the body we are listening to spirit and that – essentially – there is no separation between body and spirit. There is a story that when they traveled from Polynesia in canoes they were able to find their way by listening to the bottom of the ocean.

This level of being connected in the body and listening is something we have lost in our western society. We live in a world where body and spirit are largely disconnected. We have engaging minds, completely running the show while not being connected to the  body. As a result, we generate and experience a lot of stress: personal, social and environmental.

Embodiment can bring us back into connection, into right relationship with ourselves, our communities and our environment. When we are connected we receive all the information we need to navigate the waters of life.  Our body is like an antenna that connects us to the web of life and when we occupy the body we receive the benefit of resting inside of this great web.

So how do we find this connection again? One path is through conscious movement. In this form of dance we cultivate embodiment by listening through the body. Listening through the body allows each movement to be felt and expressed in a continual unfolding.

In Azul conscious movement we practice occupying and listening to each part of the body in order to strengthen our embodiment. As we practice in the dance, we experience moments where body and breath are unified and the power of union is felt. Often there are ah ha moments, when the information and the guidance we need arrives. It lands in us, not coming down from our heads but rising from our knowing.

From this experience of union we get to live the beauty of our being and touch the deepest part of ourselves. If you wish to explore the world of conscious movement and have a direct experience of embodiment, there is an amazing opportunity to do so next January on Maui at the annual OneDanceTribe event.



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Embodiment: The Power of Creating Union