by Chris

How I dealt with my personal saboteur:

One of the most important distinctions I learned from my teacher is the one between the yes and the no to life.

When we are in yes mode, we feel carried by the current of life and everything happens easily, naturally and peacefully. When we are in no mode, we struggle and suffer. The no is deeply rooted in our unconscious and can also be described as our personal saboteur: that shadowy energy that prevents us from experiencing self-realization, love, peace and prosperity. For most of us, that no is rooted in our core wound.

It was a very humbling experience to realize that there was a part of me still saying no to life. And yet, after the initial shock settled, I began to see the truth of it. The very sensation of exposing something that has been hidden for such long time gave me enormous relief, as if a huge weight was being lifted from my heart.

My no was hard to detect, as it lives in the shadow. But as I started watching it, I began to catch glimpses. I could feel it in my resistance and in my moments of stubbornness. I could see it in the negative repetitions I have been experiencing and in my struggle with fear and self-doubt. I could see the childhood pain that it was protecting, my defenses mechanisms and the walls and barriers protecting my heart.

Piece by piece the walls began to crumble and more relief came from being able to feel my heart at a deeper level. This place deep in my heart is where I connect to my higher self. Life gets much easier in this place…

This is the place I wish to travel with you in the journey of Integrating Lower and Higher Self next Nov 1-6th in Hawaii.

Hope these words will inspire you to join me in this amazing quest for freedom.

Love Amara


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How I dealt with my personal saboteur