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What we know and do not know…
by Samantha Sweetwater

I’m writing from South Africa where I’ve been mostly off-grid for over two weeks, immersed in the humidity and heat of the bushveld of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere region.  I’ve been listening to Nature and Spirit, and exploring how these deeper patterns of intelligence can and must guide our love and leadership at this time.

As I dropped into the expansiveness of these African wilds, I discovered a pulsing ache in my heart deeper and more palpable than I have ever known.  I also found my nervous system in a terrible jangle, a combination of fight, flight and freeze all at the same time.  It took about ten days to unwind.

I returned to civilization a few days ago.  I spent the first two mornings glued to CNN’s doom and gloom while enjoying a lovely b&b breakfast accompanied by sunlight and birdsong (these surreal juxtapositions seem to be getting more normal everyday).

It is obvious from here, the rest of the world is also glued to what’s happening in the US right now.  Our political moment is giving permission to a whole new brand of bad guys to take the reigns.  It’s a new club, and it’s not pretty.  Not pretty at all.

We are here.  We’re in the Big Dance, the Last Dance, the Reckoning.  We’re in the final dance of shadow and light at the tail end of a 26,000 year long rotation of our galaxy around the Great Central Sun.  According to the Vedic Calendar, the cycle ends in the Kali Yuga, the Age of Apocalypse.  We’re right in Kali’s mouth.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been preparing for this since I was 5.  (It’s why, among other things, I dance.)  This doesn’t mean I’m ready for it.

I think all of our heart’s and nervous systems know exactly where we are.  Underneath the veneer of continuity, we know there’s no such thing as business as usual, anymore.  The animal, instinctive part of us feels the need to seek safety and security.  But, we don’t know where safety is, because our minds know we are living in a global system.  And, as Julia Butterfly Hill has said, “there’s no Away.”  Meanwhile, our hearts are fully on board with being a part of the solution.

When you add all that up, it’s a pretty complex set of conscious and unconscious feelings and motives for one human nervous system to handle!

We live at the end of time, in the very last age of consciousness unfolding, where the Great Mother of Holy Darkness taunts us with her lurid stare, asking, “will you let me swallow you to become the light?”  We are living on the brink of ecosystem service collapse as the final wave of neocolonialism takes over of our planet.

It was prophesied that this would be the time when things would get the darkest.  It was also told:  this would be the time when it would be easiest to become enlightened.  This would be the time when the heat under under each soul’s crucible would be hottest which would in turn catalyze collective consciousness.

It’s getting hotter.  We are awake.

All the work we’ve already done has not been wasted.  Each of our lives is a fractal of one massive co-creative wave RISING.  Collective awakening is real, and technological and ancient solutions to our worst problems actually exist and are ready to be scaled.  The myriad expressions of our inner work and outer actions are in fact galvanizing a new pattern humanness.  I call it Civilization 2.0.  It’s a whole-systems transition to a way of being and living – through love – in harmony with our planet and the more-than-human beings we share it with.  A global civilization in harmony with itself and it’s home planet would be an entirely next octave of human and planetary evolution.

Since we’re decisively at the end, we can also be sure that we are at the beginning. That means the real work begins – again – now.

The path forward is one step at a time.  We need to get right with our own bodies, hearts and minds in order to be and become the world that is to come.I don’t have any hard and fast answers for how to take these next steps.  But, honestly, I think we dive deeper and more humbly into what we already know, while recognizing that we really know nothing.  We practice.  We love.  We continue to heal.  We build community.  We listen to those we ignored before – both in the human in in the more-than-human realms.  We return to patterns of circle that support this listening. We let in the gravity of our co-creative duty to all of life as we continue to commit to joy.

Founder Dancing Freedom

Loved internationally for her infectious capacity to initiate joy-fueled transformation, Samantha Sweetwater is an educator, sacred activist, wisdom leader, artist and culture coder.  As the creator of a global movement of Dancing Freedom™ spanning six continents and touching thousands of lives, she is passionate about supporting people to awaken to who they really are and to their power to change the world through purposeful action.  A lifelong experiential physicist (ie. a choreographer, community leader, nature wanderer, permaculturalist, yogini and medicine woman) her expertise lies in facilitating a living bridge between states experience and stable embodiment.  She helps people to be and create what they know to be True.  She invites a profound return to the body, to planet earth and to the Mystery as safe and sacred places to live, love and co-create.

Samantha will be on faculty at the OneDanceTribe onedancetribe Hawaii 2017 event.

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OneDanceTribe is an international community of people practicing conscious movement as a pathway for personal and global transformation. It is a portal to a unified field where teachers and dancers of different modalities and walks of life come together to celebrate the power of Moving as One.
What we know and do not know…