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by Chris

Awakening Love - new beninnings:

The first “Awakening Love” workshop for 2015 was in Olympia WA.

Having emerged from 12 days of silence into the realities of Delhi, flying and all things American, diving in the waters of Awakening Love was quite a relief!

The images below held us through the openings from bud to blossom. The quote sparking a deeper contemplation of the costs when we do not love.

“A lack of love is synonymous with revenge. Revenge is a combination of wrath, fear and pride. One of the most common ways of taking revenge is by closing yourself off to others and beginning to deny them your love. You often do this passively by simply isolating yourself, which can set off a process of self-destruction. The energy of revenge turns against oneself in the form of illnesses, failures, accidents and a series of negative situations. When this destructive energy is not externalized due to social and moral codes, it turns into self-hatred and self-punishment.”

Now in Europe for 3 months of “Awakening Love”.  Salzburg and Munich in the next few weeks.

Dancing and stretching into the possibility, learning and growing together. Comprehending our spiritual reality and shining the flashlight in forgotten corners of our Being.

May we remember who we truly are …

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Awakening Love – new beginnings- Olympia