by Chris

I want to share a heartening story from my time in Milan.

I had the experience twice of feeling like “more” was desired from the people of Milan. Two times I encountered people coming to me from unlikely places and sharing that there was an opening to the kind of work we do.

One came from a story that was shared with me of a woman in the fashion industry doing yoga, meditating and feeling a desire for  “more”. I see this as a shift from the wanting “more” of materialism and objects to the wanting “more” through knowing oneself.

The second encounter was at a dinner party where for the first time I spent the evening talking about my work, fielding questions from people who were genuinely curious about the dance.

One man in particular shared he was becoming aware that there was a part of him that needed to heal in order to be able to experience more love. This degree of self awareness felt very new to me at these dinner parties.

All of this left me feeling like awakening has truly entered another level of humanity and is now reaching a new level of people. It is very exciting!

My response is to meet this new level emerging and see how we / I can support this opening. I sense a tipping point where there is no turning back.

This is why I feel an increased need to dance! And am so grateful to have the opportunity to offer the dance in so many places, particularly the Azul Trilogy. These deeper containers provide enormous healing and potential for the new to emerge in our world.

It is time. And we are the ones we have been waiting for.

As you rise you create space for others to rise and together we can go much further!

I hope to dance with you soon.

Love Amara

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