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Edgar Spieker Sharing Soul Motion

Enjoy this video where Edgar Spieker shares his lens on Soul Motion. Gives us insight into the beauty happening in Hamburg, Germany.

Edgar has been on faculty each year at the OneDanceTribe Europe event and we look forward to continuing the tradition this June 15-21, 2017!

Soul Motion™

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Edgar (Hamburg, Germany)  is a Soul Motion teacher and dance therapist. He met Soul Motion founder Vinn Arjuna Martí in 2001 and since then studied with him in many workshops, retreats and trainings. Being a former martial artist in Germany’s Karate Premier League, he initially worked as singer and singing teacher after studying music at Cologne university. His love for dance led him to Ballroom Dancing, Modern Dance, Authentic Movement and various free form dance modalities. For 10 years he worked as Nia Black Belt teacher. After becoming more and more interested in the healing capabilities of movement, he completed a 5 year dance therapy training. Now Edgar is teaching Soul Motion in weekly classes and workshops in Hamburg and internationally. In addition he works as dance therapist in one-on-one sessions. In 2015 he was invited by Soul Motion founder Vinn Arjuna Martí to take the next step as Soul Motion Faculty Apprentice. In this new role he will continue to support students and apprentices to rediscover their bodies through the dance as infinite source of creativity, wisdom and aliveness.   


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Edgar Spieker sharing Soul Motion