Teacher Training

The Azul Teacher Training is an experiential program designed for individuals who wish to deepen their understanding of embodiment and healing through movement – either as personal practice or as movement teachers.

It is articulated in two 10 day modules,  with additional mentoring and support after each module. 

Who is the Training for

The Training is designed for all those who wish to teach Azul classes and workshops and would like to build a local dance community.

The Training is also designed for movement teachers interested in expanding their horizons, for therapists who desire to incorporate movement into their practice, and for anyone interested in deepening their personal growth through the path of Azul .


How it is structured

The Azul Teacher Training is articulated into two 10-day residential modules Apprenticeship and Certification followed by periods of mentoring.  After each module trainees meet with Amara via teleconferences, both individually and as a group to receive support in developing their teaching practice or bringing Azul into their current profession. The program can be completed within one year.

Participants also need to complete the Azul Trilogy  a series of three 6-day retreats designed to provide trainees with the necessary foundational work required to become an Azul teacher. The Trilogy is offered quarterly in different locations in North America, Europe and Australia. All the Trilogy and Training modules are led by Amara Pagano .

Training outline

Module One: Apprenticeship
Module One provides focused attention on the practice of embodiment and takes participants through an in depth exploration of the guiding principles of the Azul Spiral. In addition, participants learn how to organize music, create playlists, produce classes, hold space and build local dance communities.

Upon completion of Module One, Apprentices are able to hold Azul movement classes with minimal guidance. They also have free access to the Azul Apprentices Mentoring Program and receive Amara’s guidance via group teleconference and individual calls for a 6-month period.

The Azul Mentoring Program is tailored to each individuals situation and it is designed to determine how embodiment and Azul can serve in one’s current work or professional setting. The program is also designed to support Apprentices in establishing their teaching practice and dance community.

Apprentices have the choice to attend Module Two and finish the program in the same year, or the following year.

Module Two: Certification
Module Two focuses on preparing trainees to form class content, guide movement experiences and teach Azul movement classes. During this section of the training, participants have the opportunity to deepen their understanding and embodiment of the principles of the Azul Spiral. Trainees also receive guidance in aligning with their higher purpose as teachers and leaders.

Upon completion of Module Two and the Azul Trilogy that is pre-requisite for certification, trainees receive Azul Teacher Certification and are able to teach Azul movement classes. They also have free access to the Azul Teachers Mentoring Program, designed to support their teaching practice, for an additional 6 month period.


“Azul is truly a path to the heart that deeply connects movement to healing and awakening love.” Chensun Mills, USA

“Amara, as a teacher and a dancer, is a model of someone who really gives all of herself in what she believes and this provides a lot of support and courage for each of the participants. It is just moving!” Manuela Pacella, Italy

‘The experience of the training can only be described in uppercase words: INCREDIBLE, INTENSE, EXCITING, VIBRANT, DEEP, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL. It has been a deep and intense journey into myself…. Anyone who wants to find themselves, this is the place and practice. I can return to my community feeling alive, happy and confident.” Lucia Lacabana, Argentina

What to expect from the Training

What you can expect to receive from Module One 

  • Develop your own connection to embodiment
  • Learn the orientations, definitions, focuses and principles of Azul
  • Training in organizing and choosing music for movement
  • Create playlists and inspirational content for holding movement classes
  • Learn how to hold space for a group
  • Start a local dance community
  • Align your energy with an upward spiral of wellbeing and prosperity
  • Bring the power of embodiment & presence into your work & life

What you can expect to receive from Module Two

  • Strengthen your connection to embodiment
  • Deepen your understanding of the orientations, definitions, focuses and principles of Azul
  • Form class content to create exciting classes that catalyze movement
  • Establish your teaching practice
  • Learn how to understand and guide the group field
  • Grow your local dance community
  • Acquire tools to help you align with your life purpose

A mutual commitment and investment

The Teacher Training is a mutual commitment and investment. It not only includes your attending the three Trilogy retreats, the two Training Modules and the Apprenticeship program.

It also includes my personal investment in you, your education, your learning, your life and evolution. My intention is to mentor you in becoming an amazing facilitator and  inspiration for others.  


Amara Pagano Azul Conscious Dance


The following prerequisites are required in order to apply for the Training. 

  •  Completion of the Azul Trilogy, or a plan to complete it during  the Apprenticeship
  • 50 workshop hours with Amara,  in addition to the Trilogy
  • 50 additional workshop hours (with Amara or other certified teachers in the following modalities:  5Rhythms, Soul Motion, Movement Medicine, Tamalpa Institute, Continuum and Dancing Freedom).



Module One – Apprenticeship 
April 6 – 15, 2018
Assisi, Italy (EUROPE)


Module Two – Certification
November 9-18, 2018
Maui, Hawaii (USA)

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Module One $2,950*
(includes Apprentice Mentoring Program)

Module Two $2,950*
(includes Teaching Mentoring Program)

Full Training $5,500*

Payment plans available
*Meals and accommodation not included


To apply for the Azul Teacher Training, click on the icon below.


“The training was absolutely the best dancing and connection I’ve ever done….it’s an embodiment of nine precepts or ways of being in the world. It’s a spiral path of awakening the heart as we/I dance these vehicles of exploration. Azul takes us through a journey that awakens our consciousness working with the intelligence of the body. I found that when the word “embodiment” is used, I can now allow my body, the cells to respond with information I hadn’t know prior to the dance.

Another part of the training is the use of technology and making playlists, working with the music itself. As a”non-techie” I learned SO much. Each person compiled a play list and offered a warm up session to the group. Everyone helped everyone else! The teacher training component gave us an excellent foundation to “go forth.”  Karen Holmes, USA

“The Azul Teacher Training gave me hands-on tools I’ve experienced in my own body first. I experienced learning by dancing in a safe, supported and loving space and enjoyed being with an international group of like-minded people with big, open hearts.” Katja Hoffman, Australia

For more information: info@pathofazul.com