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Enjoy moments captured at onedancetribe events

OneDanceTribe NEW YORK

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“Profound, transformational, embodied, fun, playful, deep, connected with the divine + our community-in-motion, the loving heart connections with other participants was also pivotal in repatterning so much.” Marla

“This event is greater than I expected, it opened up so many more layers of dancing and so much to explore and grow.” Jinseng

“OneDanceTribe is truly bridging modalities. We as a community are folks who understand, from the inside out, that we are involved in one great dance. Heart is the center piece. Grateful this is being tended – such a great mission.” Dev Bry

“Magnificent. Above my expectations. Fulfilling. Receiving and giving. Expanding. Grounding. Finding my heart. Opening my heart.” Veronika

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