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OneDanceTribe HAWAII

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It was such a blessed experience with these spectacular souls. Moving into opening and allowing. Absolutely divine!          Rorie Kerns (Virginia, US)

A wonderful week full of special moments, a magic journey to myslef. Joy, connection, love, community, spirit lifting me up. Thank you!         Ulrike Oberhauser (Austria)  

The experience changed the course of my life in 2017  so I came back in 2018 to again receive and cherish this coming together as global community.          Whitney Hobson (New Mexico, US)

What a tribe! Wherever you come from, you will find belonging here. An incredible opportunity to unlock the wisdom of your body with life-minded souls.    Georgia Shine (Australia)

The community is really on the leading edge of healing. This week has pushed me to crack open, allowing for the new story to shine through. If more people could be held in this way, we could envision a more harmonious world together.      Samantha Hope (Canada)

OneDanceTribe HAWAII

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“Heart opening, meaningful, authentic connections with new people exploring the world of dance.”         Moraine Chessell (Canada)

“I came for a joyful experience in sharing through a loving, supportive dancing community. I got so much more. I am full.”        Barbara Heagy (Canada)

“I highly recommend this journey into self awareness through dance. It was a chance to dive into the shadows and the light through movement in a safe and encouraging atmosphere full of supportive like-minded dance artists.”        Hanna DeHoff  (Maine)

“Powerful holding container – skillfully, deliberately, lovingly co-created out of the synergy of all the teachers. Because of this safe environment I could soften all the layers of my perception and land in my original nervous system, grow it, nurture it anchor it. Music, our teacher’s guidance, and authenticity, humor, fun and all of us together, made this week a most precious experience. Thank you so much!”       Silvia Reischl (California)

“This is truly a dynamically embodied transformational workshop. One of the best I’ve attended in decades.”       Kim Brandt (Canada)

OneDanceTribe HAWAII

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“My week at OneDanceTribe answered a crucial question about how I can be successful in my pursuit of my passion so the world can receive my gifts.”         Donald Trowbridge (California)

“One of the most beautiful, complete and satisfying experiences of coming together. For body, soul and life!  What a tribe!”        Christian Doll   (Germany)

“The power to heal and transform with an intentional movement community is a great gift. Thank you for this opportunity.”        Helen Scott   (Washington)

“Surrounded by love & acceptance OneDanceTribe provides a powerful portal to self-growth & discovery! In this safe and beautiful environment anything is possible! Planting the seeds of love & peace for this planet and beyond!”         Knikki Cinocco (Alaska)

“I am still savoring deeply nourishing experience of One Dance Tribe in Maui. For me connection with the land of Hawaii was magical. I’ve never felt anywhere else in the world such unity and harmony between inner and outer realms. Being so deeply in the flow and instantly mirrored by life felt so loving, soothing and peaceful.”       Rahel Yomani, Canada

OneDanceTribe HAWAII

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“Extraordinary, if you are looking for an event filled with heart, integrity, truth,
beauty, meaning, adventure, dance & more fun that you can imagine!”        Linda Marinovich MI (USA)

 “OneDanceTribe…where you can empty yourself of who you think you are, or thought you were and discover the pure true divineness of who we are.”        Jo McLaughlin, OR (USA)

 “This week surpassed my expectations, blew my heart wide open and served immensely in my journey of awakening into love. Infinitely grateful for this time and this tribe.”        Julia Berkeley CA (USA)

“I loved being danced till I was upset, and then dance again till I felt blissed again, and see how we all kept rebirthing together, dance after dance. Thank you!”        Ishani Marta Diaz-Berrio, Mexico

OneDanceTribe HAWAII

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“OneDanceTribe is a gathering of the soul tribe, a melting pot of many delights. Not to be missed.”      Tess Howell, 5Rhythms Teacher Hove, England

“OneDanceTribe is one of the most extraordinary gatherings of fellow dancing soul travelers on this planet. It is a place where the spirit of the tribe can be heard around the world. A place where I can open to possibilities as they present themselves. A place where I can witness and be witnessed, hold and be held, love and be loved. A place where I can go deeper into my heart and soul and knowing.  Where I can unfurl again and again year after year till I might fully embody the Divine, even if for just a moment so I can know or maybe remember what is possible.  And dance.. ahhhh dance, yes, yes, yes.  My body, the road map to me, to the Divine.”     Joe McLaughlin, Portland, OR

“I feel completely enriched from this experience. Every muscle in my body is talking to me. I have learned how to let my guards down on the dance floor. I feel completely nurtured and ready for what will come next in my life.”        Lexie Strathie, Curramore, Australia

OneDanceTribe HAWAII

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“The spirit of OneDanceTribe is the sharing of ideas, visions, skills and ideas. Recognizing that together we are stronger, richer and more fulfilled. The Maui event is held in one of the most beautiful locations on earth and it is a must go for anyone interested in transforming the world through conscious movement.”          David Juriansz, 5Rhythms teacher, Australia.

“My heart was cracked wide open in this sacred and beautiful place, amongst a sweet circle of fellow dancers. I was embraced in the warmth of love and acceptance. I was able to truly let go.”             Lolo Feit, Port Townsend, WA