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OneDanceTribe EUROPE

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“I feel so touched and really blessed: in the dance with myself, with another dancers and in this loving community. My body opened and freed to creativity and my heart so much love in this great spirit and presence. Love it the answer!”   Ingrid Ruess

“Play and pray. The authentic connection of the popular triad body-mind-spirit. To enhance the consciousness of the everlasting relationship between the relative and absolute: the in between.”      Martin von Rutte

OneDanceTribe EUROPE

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OneDanceTribe EUROPE

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“One Dance Tribe Europe was a gift in self-exploration. I would travel a long distance to attend again. It is where dance has real meaning and purpose.”   Anthony Roraback  (USA)

“One Dance Tribe is the next step, path of true love and open, creative spirit.”      Janos Grimm  (Germany)

“So much love and connection and seeing each other and appreciation of each one of us while dancing. This is what the world needs.”      Christl Riemer-Metzger  (Germany)

OneDanceTribe EUROPE

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OneDanceTribe EUROPE

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