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Just Dance with Life

Cyrill Chantereau: Dancing Holistic Harmonizer. First certified teacher in Movement Medicine© in France, creativity and leadership coach, artist, healer and founder of integrative dance©.

‘Explore through movement the intense and profound spheres of the stories we carry, to (re)INTEGRATE, consciously, through meditation in movement, its life force, its genius, its excellence, its talents: ignored, forgotten, despised or set aside, so that we can re-inforce the stories it carries within us and make the choice to reaffirm and/or regain its integrity, authority and creativity and, at each moment, at its own pace, be the free artist of its own life ; by activating in motion the healing power of the ‘Medicine of Joy’ and remembering that… :

‘We are not what we carry, we are responsible for making the choice to use or be used by what we carry.’

I dedicate most of my teaching to the relationships we have with communities (families, human groups etc…) and ancestors.

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