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Six Doorways to Love - Assisi, Italy

May 16 – 21, 2017     6 day residential retreat at Le Torracce

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Six Doorways to Love 

Engage in a deep process of healing


Le Torracce Center
Assisi, Italy


May 16-21


Starts May 16, 3:00 pm
Ends May 21, 1:00 pm

Six Doorways to Love covers six core values that, when embodied, awaken love.

The values of honesty, kindness, self-responsibility, beauty, service and dedication point us towards redirecting the vectors of our will to serve the greater good and illuminate the shadows we carry, engaging us in a deep process of healing through movement.

The result is an opportunity for greater love and freedom in our lives.


Retreat price: $645 

Accommodation and meals not included.

About Le Torracce Center

The perfect setting for your conscious movement retreat. 

Located on the sacred Path of St Francis

The Path of St Francis is a walking trail that has been followed by many pilgrims inspired by the life of St Francis of Assisi.

Le Torracce is a holistic center that encourage one’s regeneration of mind, body and spirit.

An ideal place for this conscious movement retreat, far from the noise and stress of daily life. 

Home made wholesome Italian organic vegetarian meals add a layer of pleasure and nurturing to the experience.

The center is only 9 kilometers away from Assisi, along the ancient Path of Saint Francis, immersed in the myriad tonalities of green that are so characteristic of Umbria.


All rooms are decorated with typical Umbrian “arte povera” style furniture

Each room has a private bathroom and is free of eletronic devices for a peaceful night of sleep. Free wifi available in the lobby.

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Join the Six Doorways to Love


Retreat price: $645

 Accommodation package to be purchased separately with Le Torracce

Accommodation Packages

Prices per person for 5 nights includes all meals and taxes

Single Room

Single room with a
Private bathroom
Sold Out

Double Room

Double room with a 
private bathroom
$445 (1 left)

Triple Room

Triple room with a
private bathroom
Price: €370 (2 left) 
Le Torracce Center
Strada Francescana
06029 Valfabbrica (PG) 
Taxi Service 
Le Torracce is about 15 minute drive from the Perugia Airport and the Assisi Train station. 
Le Torracce has a special arrangement with a taxi service. If you wish to book your taxi ride contact:
Marco Cambiotti | marco.cambiotti@alice.it | Tel +39 347 0366996 
1-3 people: €25
4-6 people €35
For more information: info@pathofazul.com
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