Azul Retreat

Kisslegg, Germany | Jun 22-25, 2017

Maui, Hawaii | Jan 25-28, 2018

“To awaken love means to awaken your potential, your deepest power. It means to awaken the divinity that inhabits you, as well as all the gifts and talents that come with it. Awakening love is synonymous with illuminating all the shadows within us.” Prem Baba

The Azul Retreat is a four day retreat held twice a year, in conjunction with the OneDanceTribe Hawaii and Europe events and it is designed to integrate the experience of the event in a more intimate setting, as well as explore the path of Azul.

Designed to reflect the mission of Azul to awaken love, the retreat centers around utilizing the body intelligence to feel and integrate the wounded parts of our being and delivering us to a place of greater love and joy.

Each Azul Retreat will offer new content. So you will be able to  come back again and again and always harvest new pearls of awakening love.


“We do this work until all that is left is love.

The dance gives us access to more subtle layers of awareness, down below the mind, directly into the content of what needs to be felt and integrated.

The body moving in dance is a powerful tool… It is through the body that we can contact what needs to be felt and understand its place in our story.”


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