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Integration and Healing Services

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Intuitive massage and breathwork

Intuitive massage is a meeting and match between giver and receiver, it is tuning in to the body, and being aware of its needs, blockages, and gateways to release. In this process we decide which method or combinations are suitable and healing.

This can be combine with a diversity of different modalities of breathwork, ore only a breathwork session.

This can give a big release to blocked energy and hidden trauma’s.
Eva Monique has had her own practice for psychotherapy coaching and training since 2010. here she works as a body and experiential therapist, Equine assisted coach, Mindfulness trainer and yoga teacher. Since 2021 she has started ‘Eva Art of Living’ in which she mainly focuses on women’s work and seeing life as an art form and in which she especially wants to inspire the aging woman.

Eva Monique has been a therapist and coach for more than 35 years and has a broad experience and knowledge in the field of Body-Mind and energy work. She is broadly trained in the field of cognitive, body-mind and breath therapy. In addition, she is a mindfulness educator and trainer in the field of addiction care and yoga teacher.
Eva Monique facilitates various workshops and retreats in the field of emotional bodywork, women’s work and training.


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