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The Spirit of Aloha

Lei’ohu Ryder (Hawaii, USA) is a spiritual leaders, visionary, healer, educator and singer/songwriter. She is an emissary of “aloha” and an advocate for the indigenous soul in all people, blind to all labels (race, creed, nationality, ideology, etc.) that separate us from experiencing the true nature of our selves and others. Her love and knowledge of Na Mea Hawaii help us to connect with ourselves, with spirit, and to be pono (balanced in right alignment).  

Her talents and knowledge are honored and loved in her community and the world. Her work has been recognized by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Peace Corps, Sierra Club and the United Nation. She was also awarded the Gandhi-King Peace Hero Award in 2002. 

Lei’ohu will perform the opening ceremony, offer a workshop and healing services. She will also entertain us in an evening of Hawaiian songs and chants with her partner Maydeen.

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