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Eva Alewa Geueke is working for 40 years with Dance and Healing.

She studied a wealth of methods in both fields: Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Ballet, Hula, African Dance, Body–Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, Native American Dance, Continuum Movement, 5 Rhythm with Gabriele Roth and the Feldenkrais Method to name the most important. She is a sun dancer, holy pipe carrier( chanunpa) and a water pourer for Native American sweat lodges ( Inipi) all in the Lakota/Nakota tradition. Once a year she loves to sit with the Lamas and do a Tibetan Mahakala retreat. Her Hula and Lomi Kumu, Malia Helela’ is teaching her about Hawaiian wisdom, especially about the true meaning of Aloha and how to live it. She gave her the name ‘Alewa Kaui ka Lani’.

Eva Alewa knows how to weave the many teachings with ease in the class room and in the healing space. She sees her work as serving her world wide soul family to re-discover and embody the divine. Eva assists in healing the body and mind so instead of suffering and pain there can be a choice of beauty, light and joy.
‘We are beings of light and light we shall remain!’

THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD® created by Dr Moshé Feldenkrais (1904–1984) aims to reduce pain or limitations in movement and to improve function in all areas of one’s life. By increasing students’ awareness of themselves and expanding movement repertoire and quality through smart safe and gentle movement choices, general well-being is increased. The method can be adapted for all ages from babies to the elderly, from people with acute pain to athletes, musicians and dancers.
One of the underlying understandings of this method is that thinking is movement as well. As thinking, emotions and feelings are woven together and will always express in movement, an authentic change in movement patterns will ripple out into the rest of ones’ life.
The founder, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais D.Sc., utilized his background in physics, mechanical engineering and judo to develop a system with an unusual melding of biomechanics, motor development, psychology and martial arts.

THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD® has achieved international recognition for its demonstrated ability to improve posture, flexibility, coordination, self-image and to alleviate muscular tension and pain. Surprisingly the methodology is gentle, respectful, loving and peace inducing!
With the help of Feldenkrais® you can:
• Heal old and new injuries faster
• Address Neurological problems successfully
• Rid yourself of back, neck and joint pains
• TMJ, arthritis, ringing in the ears, whip lash, scoliosis
• Prevent overuse or wrong use injuries
• Grow and mature in unforeseen ways

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