Conscious Dance Conference Collection
what is the conference collection?

It is the collection of the audio and video recordings of the biggest event in the history of conscious dance, featuring some of the most experienced  teachers and school founders from around the globefor the first time ever on a live online event!  

Purchasing the Conference Collection will give you unlimited lifetime access to all 63 sessions of the Conscious Dance Conference 2019 and allow you to study and review all the amazing teachings and precious information shared throughout this unprecedented event anytime and anywhere.  

70 Presenters

and hours of facilitation


experience the magic
anytime, anywhere!

  • Download All Recordings When you purchase the Conference Collection, you will be able to download the audio and video recording of all sessions to all your favourite devices. That's over 70 hours of facilitation from some of the most experienced teachers on the planet. 
  • Gain Unlimited Lifetime Access  Watch the sessions anytime, anywhere. and share them with your friends and family. Study and play in the comfort of your home, deepen your practice and understanding of the the processes and use these tools to increase your joy, vitality and connection with yourself and others.
  • Support the Conference Producing this Conference was a monumental effort that took months of work, a team of generous and dedicated  souls and substantial financial resources to make this happen. Purchasing the Conference is way for you to honour and support this project and the team who brought it to life.  

This unique and priceless collection of all the audio and video recordings of the biggest event in the history of conscious dance is available for a few more hours!

enjoy these resources and stay inspired!

OneDanceTribe is an international community of people practicing conscious dance as a pathway to awaken love.

We gather twice a year in the US and Europe to honour our unique gifts and contributions and celebrate the power of collaboration.

Together we build strength, form an international network of likeminded people and make a difference!

We believe in the power of personal transformation as a catalyst for planetary change in every area of society.

Our mission is to awaken love and contribute to the creation of a peaceful and prosperous global community.

Join us in New York and Germany next year and share your own unique gift!

Transform Yourself, Transform the World
Transform Yourself, Transform the World
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