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International Faculty

Arjuna Vinn Marti

Founder SoulMotion®

Arjuna melds spiritual teachings, philosophy, deep body awareness and kick ass dance to create a conscious awareness of the body and the soul. 

His work is playful, deep, reverent, curious, and he specifically uses sensory body movement, somatic, visceral, and reflective landscapes in his teachings. Referencing all different “wisdom traditions” and artists, his spicy, raunchy Bronx boy flavor is charismatic, mischievous and immediate and his own reflective practice brings a humbleness and self irony that is refreshing and appealing.

Somebody who meditates in the morning, moans at the news, and moves as the mystery, Arjuna has this ability to charm and disarm his students. A sensitive yet wild man, Arjuna is a master of movement ritual who supports his students in listening to their bodies, as a pathway to understanding their inner critics and inhibitions.

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